The Miracle Mile Vendor Hall

From Plushies and Prints to Buttons and Custom Beer Glasses, High Roller Pony Con Vendors will have it all! 

Come visit them in the "Miracle Mile Vendor Hall" directly adjacent to "Royal Flush's Mane Events." Be sure to pack an extra suitcase, because you'll be needing it to carry all your merchandise home!

Click on The Vendors below to learn more about them!

Breakfast Tee

Screwy Embroidery

InkKey Studios

My Little Ties

Wintre Arts

Midnight Premiere

KefkaFloyd Art & Lights

Kazzy's Plush Emporium

Calette's Creations


Torben Goldmunds Art N Prints

Waffle Wishes

Viw's Art

Twisted Sketch Productions


Dshou & Kawaiipony2

Moozua's Art

Befish Productions

Plush by Anto

Tony Fleecs

Lightning Bliss

Boiler3 & Sweet Cream

Snuggle Trumpet Vinylwear

Chocopony Tarot and Con Art Comics

Fiaura the Tank Girl

Assassin Monkey

The Bronycrafters