Since 2012, Gabby Pantaloni has graced the MLP: FiM convention circuit as a panelist, character performer, casual cosplayer, and a socialite. They have also portrayed the mascots of two community events, Golden Gates (BABScon) and Sea Sailor (Sea Bronies.)
Growing up, Gabby was always involved in the arts. Whether it was drawing, painting, dancing, or singing in choir, they always sought the perfect form of expression. Then one day their mom gave them a VHS of The Little Mermaid and that's when they discovered the thing they love most: Cartoons!
After school, Gabby moved from Hershey, PA to Central CA to study acting. They have received training from PCPA and Great American Melodrama alumni as well as voice instruction from Peter New. They are currently pursuing their Voice Over career, just recently being cast in the Dating Sim "Something to do With Love." Gabby lives with their rat, bunny, and their fiance, Tarby.

Gabby also thinks they'd do very well on Reality TV shows.

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