Gutiu Serenade

GutiuSerenade is a narrator, voice actor, singer, and audio producer in the MLP YouTube community. Guti has narrated and created various dramatic readings on his channel including fandom comedies such as "Twilight Sparkle Gets a Free Salad" to horror such as the Silent Ponyville series. When he isn't producing readings, livestreaming, or providing bloopers for his many screwups, Guti enjoys performing song covers on his channel, either solo or with a multitude of other YouTube friends such as Ashley H, ItsAnnaChloem, and Heather Feathersong. Guti has also appeared in other projects such as a narrator for Magpiepony's "Pinkie Tales" series, various voice work and narration for TheLostNarrator and ObabScribbler fic readings and comic dubs, and sung in several massive brony fandom group collab projects. He was also a former director for the BogyleBronies group, known for the Know Your Mare and Ponies With Hats animations. Guti has recently started production on Silent Ponyville 4, the latest adaptation of the popular series from Sam Rose, and has been working with the story's author and several fandom voice actors to bring a full dramatic reading to life.

Outside of fandom work, GutiuSerenade works full-time in radio advertising, owns and operates his own Wedding DJing business, and plays tuba in various wind ensembles in his hometown!

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